Have we asked for your business?

Based on the number of tax preparation ads I’ve seen on TV, tax season is here!  Tax preparation ads rank second only to political ads on my “most hated” list.  You’ve seen them, all the promises of free online tax prep, instant refunds, CPAs on-demand (a personal favorite, see below), even the promise of a higher refund!

Here in West Alabama, you have lots of options.  You can do your taxes online by yourself, go by one of the “name brands” you’ve seen on TV, or see any of the several tax preparation firms in the area.  Or you could call your local CPAs at Mason and Gardner CPAs.

Have we asked for your business?  Chances are, we haven’t.  We have been a trusted CPA, advisor and friend to our clients in our local area for 45 years, but many of you don’t know we prepare tax returns because we’ve never told you!

How would you know if you needed a CPA to prepare your tax return?  Have you ever

  • Had a question regarding deductible expenses?
  • Needed help with education deductions or credits?
  • Not sure how retirement contributions could help you?
  • Operated your own business or farm?
  • Run a small business from your home?
  • Buy and sell stocks, bonds or other investments?
  • Owned rental property?


If you answered “YES” to at least one of these, then our firm can help you.  We’d like to let you know that M&G can prepare your taxes with the trust, care and professionalism that you’d expect any from any CPA firm, right here in West Alabama.  Please call, email or come see us… We’d love to have your business!

Rob Pearson – rob@masongardnercpa.com

P.S.  My clients know I’m almost always “on-demand”… call my cell phone at (334) 216-9119 and we’ll do everything we can to be your CPAs.